Festival Taverna

Festival Taverna


The local Taverna
is a special place
in Greek culture.

It is a place of spirited discussion; of enjoying a glass of fine wine or Greek liquour; of partaking from a delicious selection of Greek mezedes (appetizers); and of the wonderful sound of a live bouzouki player.

Located in the main festival lot.

This Year Only!

  • 50th Anniversary Light Lager

    This year’s Greek Festival features a 50 Year Anniversary (614) Midwestern Light Lager, brewed by Wolf Ridge Brewing.

  • Mezze Platter

    A plate of delectable appetizers including Kalamari, spanakopites, tyropites, dolmathes, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and pita bread. 

  • Tzatziki, Hummus and Tyrokafteri Plate

    Hummus, tzatziki, spicy feta ( tyrokafteri ) platter. Served with pita.

  • Saganaki

    A delicious appetizer of flambéed Greek cheese served with a lemon wedge and pita bread.

  • Kalamari

    Enjoy lightly fried calamari served with a lemon wedge.

  • Greek Beer & Wine

    Sip a glass of Greek beer or wine while enjoying your meal or dessert.